SMC Cardiac Program Makes Further Enhancements

March 13, 2018

Cath-Lab-2018_w2.jpgWith the addition of our newest cardiovascular laboratory, Springhill is well positioned to continue to advance heart, peripheral vascular, and cardiac rhythm management while continuing to improve quality of the imaging equipment.

Technology in the area of cardiovascular medicine continues to expand at a very rapid pace. With the addition of this newest laboratory, Springhill has demonstrated the importance and commitment to provide the best technology available to our physicians, patients, and the community.

This recent upgrade includes the replacement of radiology imaging equipment with the new Canon Dual Plane Imaging System for heart and peripheral vascular imaging. This new system enhances the cardiologists’ ability to quantify the disease and precisely position lasers and stents to treat patients with less risk.

“Springhill continues to lead regional heart centers with our multidisciplinary approach to peripheral/endovascular procedures and structural heart disease,” said Don Williams, Director of SMC’s Cath Lab. “We bring pioneering health care to our community.  Springhill was the first medical center to embrace the use of digital imaging, the use of minimally invasive procedures for the replacement of heart valves known as Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement (TAVR), the performance of the first carotid artery stenting procedures, and to offer a cure for atrial fibrillation.”

With regard to patients who have heart valve problems, chest surgery used to be the only option.  For patients who were frail or who were of advanced age, the surgical approach was sometimes deemed too risky. With the introduction of TAVR to Mobile in 2012, SMC offered a minimally invasive option using a small incision, very short hospital stay, and a reduced risk of complications.

The SMC teams in both the heart Cath Labs and Emergency Department are uniquely positioned, both geographically and with the latest technology, to offer the most efficient care to urgent patients in southwest Alabama.