Birthing Suites, Childbirth & Maternity

Springhill Medical Center announces the new Labor and Delivery Birthing suites -- officially opened in February. These birthing suites feature modern amenities with the family in mind.  The pictures are only a glimmer of what patients experience. Contact the Labor and Delivery unit at our hospital to learn more. Click here to see pictures.

Springhill Medical Center Labor and Delivery offers:

The nurse/patient ratio in enables our nurses to provide constant attention to the mother-to-be.

Board-certified lactation consultant on staff to help with breastfeeding questions.

Special Care Nursery Unit providing custom designed infant-sensitive care.

Childbirth classes for parents.
Sibling preparation class, "Me Too!"


Springhill Medical Center offers unparalleled service in maternity care. We have more OB/GYNs located on the campus than any other hospital, making it very convenient for both the patient and the physician.


Before being admitted, go to our Pre-Registration to register online or to download the pre-registration form. For more information on Maternity, call 340-7769 or download our brochure Having Your Baby at Springhill Medical Center.

New Labor and Delivery Birthing Suites photos. Click on any picture to view all the photos.

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