Childbirth Preparation Classes

Childbirth Preperation Classes

These classes cover all aspects of the labor, delivery, and postpartum experience. We offer both a series of four weekly classes, offered on either Mondays or Thursdays, or an all-day Saturday class. Classes include a tour of the hospital, relaxation and massage techniques, breathing techniques and comfort measures as well as what can be expected from the process of labor and from hospital treatments and services.

Here is the basic outline of the classes:


Class One

Introduction, The Role of Support Persons, Imagery, Breathing Techniques, Progressive Relaxation, Physical Changes during Pregnancy, When to Come to the Hospital, Massage Techniques, Labor Anatomy, Terms and Definitions, Gate Control Theory, Fetal Monitorin

Class Two
Birth Film, Stages of Labor, Hospital Admission, Mechanisms of Labor, Pushing and Delivery, Newborn Characteristics at Birth, Recovery, Progressive Relaxation, Autogenic Stress Release

Class Three
Labor Variations, Pain Management in Labor, Epidural Film, Cesarean Birth, Unexpected Outcomes, Progressive Relaxation

Class Four
Your Birth Setting – the Hospital Tour, Stations of Labor – Practice of labor coping skills, Postpartum in the Hospital, Postpartum Film, Postpartum at Home, Sex After Childbirth, Progressive Relaxation