Dietary & Nutrition

Springhill Medical Center has teamed up with Sodexo to delivery all of the dietary needs of our patients, staff, visitors and family members.  There are three parts to our nutritional team. Retail Services consists of the Courtyard Cafe and the Breezeway Cafe. Patient Services includes Meal Delivery and the newest added service, At Your Request (AYR). Then our clinical nutrition team provides outpatient diet consulting and diet decriptions.

Retail Services

Courtyard Café • Courtyard Café to Go • Café Breezeway
Contact: Matt Tureau at 460-5289

At Your Request Guest In-Room Meals

At Your Request Guest Meal Orders
Contact: Terri McGhee at 460-5264

Nutritional Services

Clinical Nutrition Team • Diet Descriptions
Contact: Leslie Phillips, RD, LD at 461-2068



All of your food in the hospital will be prepared according to the diet your doctor has ordered. For more information or to speak with a Dietitian, call 410-4076 or call our DIET EXPLANATION HOTLINE (461-3438) for a brief explanation of your diet.

We want your stay at Springhill Medical Center to be a pleasant experience. If you have any questions or requests regarding your meals, please feel free to contact the Food Service Department at 460-5264.