Springhill Rehabilitation & Senior Residence

SSRArchitectural-HorizontalFinalLR.jpgSpringhill Rehabilitation and Senior Residence is a 151-bed, skilled nursing facility located on the Springhill Medical Center campus, dedicated to providing quality short term rehabilitation care and long-term care, while fostering a homelike social environment.


By fostering creative thinking, Springhill Rehabilitation and Senior Residence seeks to eliminate loneliness, helplesSSR-5Star-banner-no-logo.jpgsness and boredom for residents. It is a holistic approach going beyond the treatment of physical symptoms.

To learn more about this unique caring facility contact Springhill Rehabilitation and Senior Residence at (251) 343-0909.

Springhill Rehabilitation and Senior Residence achieved the highest rating during the most recent survey.18-0063-048.jpg



18-0063-062.jpgUpon admission, the new resident is screened for each of the therapy disciplines:

Our goal is to enable residents to communicate at the hightest level possible. We also help residents overcome swallowing difficulties resulting in improved nutritional status and increased saftey.

Physical Therapy

We instruct and help residents with exercises that help them adapt to the challenges of temporary or permanent disabilities.

Occupational Therapy

We focus on increasing a resident's ability to preform daily activities and, most importantly, 18-0063-073.jpgattain maximum independence.

Wound Care Therapy

We use state-of-the-art wound care protocols and pressure relief techniques to restore skin integrity.

Enteral Therapy

Optimal nutritional status is attained and maintained for residents who are not able to eat by traditional means.


18-0063-038.jpgResidents can enjoy a wide range of activities, from crafts to games. An enclosed courtyard houses a collection of flowerbeds constructed at wheel-chair height. When weather permits, residents may enjoy a cook-out in the courtyard.

Beauty Shop

18-0063-025.jpgResidents enjoy having their hair done at the in-house beauty salon. Residents may also take advantage of the opportunity to get a manicure at Springhill Senior Residence.

Board Walk

An on-site pond can be enjoyed by way of a wheelchair accessible boardwalk. The boardwalk leads to a pavillion where residents can picnic or bask in a sunny Southern day. The pond is stocked with catfish for catch-and-release fishing.

Resident Rooms

Residents enjoy a home-like environment with favored furnishings, photographs and accessories from home.

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Worship services are available most days for residents who wish to join in.