Stroke Survivor's Support Group


Monday, July 29, 2024, 12 p.m. - 1:30 p.m.
Gerald L. Wallace Conference Center

3715 Dauphin Street
Building II 4th Floor
Mobile, AL 36608
United States

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RSVP to Kimberly Burnett, LMSW, of Springhill Inpatient Rehabilitation at 251.340.7854 or no lator than one week before the meeting date.

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Support Groups

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Stroke Support Group


Are you or someone you love a stroke survivor? Welcome to our compassionate and empowering Stroke Survivor Support Group, where we provide a wealth of resources, valuable education, unwavering support, and a thriving sense of community.

Discover a Supportive Community

Connecting Survivors:

In our Stroke Survivor Support Group, find a warm and understanding community of individuals who have triumphed over strokes. Share your experiences, insights, and stories of strength with fellow survivors who truly understand your journey.

Family Bonds:

Stroke recovery often involves the whole family. Connect with other families who have navigated the challenges of stroke together. Share your unique experiences and find solace in the company of those who've been there.

Engage with Educators:

Dedicated educators passionate about stroke awareness and rehabilitation also find a home here. Collaborate with educators to gain invaluable insights and contribute to the continuous improvement of stroke recovery programs.

Empowerment Through Education

Knowledge is Power:

Access a wealth of educational materials designed to enhance your understanding of stroke, its effects, and the various strategies for recovery and rehabilitation. Our resources empower you with information to aid in the healing process.

Celebrating Your Strength

Triumph Together:

Above all, we celebrate your strengths. Surviving a stroke is a remarkable achievement, and our community is here to applaud your resilience and determination. Join our Stroke Survivor Support Group today, and let's navigate the journey to recovery together.

Each month representatives from Springhill's Inpatient Rehabilitation Center discuss a different topic related to stroke recovery. For details, please email or call the number above. Refreshments are provided.