An update on our Orbera Intragastric balloon patients

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August 12, 2016 by Dr. Forrest Ringold, Surgical Association of Mobile, PA

It has been two months since the first Orbera Intragastric balloons were implanted in a patient at Springhill Medical Center. Each patient has accommodated well to their smaller stomach. Each Intragastric balloon occupies about 50% of the stomach volume. As a result, each patient has been able to learn portion control. In turn, Orbera patients consume fewer calories.

Orbera balloons are only one aspect of a patient's weight loss program. Our dietitian continues to counsel each patient regarding a new healthy diet. A healthy exercise program is also encouraged. It is the combination of these items that allow our patients to lose the weight they want to shed. So far, each patient has lost about 25 pounds.
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