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December 15, 2011 by Francis Davis

Your nursery is decorated, the shower gifts are put away and the thank you notes have been written. You are ready to have your baby. Now is the time to pack your bag for the hospital.
What to pack is as much a matter of preference as a matter of need. There are some things you need to bring with you and some things you will want to bring just because they will make you feel comfortable and more at home. Let’s examine what should go in your suitcase from the beginning to the end of your hospital stay.
When being admitted to the hospital you will need your driver’s license, your insurance card and a method to pay your co-payment. If you are unsure of your insurance responsibility, you can contact our Pre-Registration Department at 340-6888.
Labor & Delivery Admission
Upon admission to Labor & Delivery, you will need to give the nurses your history sheet from the doctor’s office. Please be familiar with any medications you are taking and when you took the last dose.
You are welcome to bring your own pillows from home. This often enhances your feelings of comfort and relaxation by adding a familiar feel and the scent of home to your new surroundings.
Depending upon your choice of pain management during labor, you may want to bring items to help you deal with the discomforts of labor. Some of these include:
  • Lip balm – patients in Labor & Delivery are limited to eating ice chips. Lips can easily become dry.
  • Lotion – massage is an excellent way to increase relaxation and aid circulation and is widely used as a pain management tool in labor
  • Room spray – many people find specific smells comforting. Some often do not like the aseptic smell of hospitals. Using a favorite fragrance can help you feel comfortable and relaxed
  • Music –soft music played in the room during labor sets the stage for a calm and peaceful environment. You can bring an mp3 player, CD player or tape player. Some couples enjoy bringing a laptop or DVDplayer to watch movies.
  • Socks – while we take away all your clothes in Labor & Delivery, we do allow you to wear socks and many patients feel more comfortable with their feet covered.
When preparing for delivery, the most important thing to have ready is your camera.  Packing extra camera batteries and storage cards is a great idea, or bring your charger. You can charge your camera in the room while you labor if you need to.
Videography and photography of the delivery is not allowed, but your nurse will let you know after delivery when you can begin filming and taking pictures.
If you have anything special you would like for us to put your baby’s footprints on, please bring it with you when you come in. Baby books are the most common items to be, although we have put footprints on shirts, purses, photographs, pieces of embroidery and even baskets.
You will usually be in the hospital for two or three days. If you are breastfeeding, you will need to bring a well-supporting nursing bra. If you are not breastfeeding, bring a well-fitting bra to wear. 
Bring comfortable clothes to wear while you are in the hospital. Nurses will need to view your breasts, abdomen and perineum, so pajamas or night gowns are usually the best. Remember to bring slippers or comfortable shoes to wear around in your room.
You will not need to bring pads, or clothes and diapers for the baby, those will be provided for you by the hospital. However, if you would like to dress your baby during your stay you are welcome to bring clothes from the baby’s layette.
If you would like the baby to have baby portraits made while in the hospital, you may want to bring a special outfit for those pictures.
Be sure to pack all your cosmetic supplies and toiletries for both mom and dad: brush, mouthwash, toothpaste, make-up, shampoo, blow-dryer and razor.
You may want to bring some reading material, or a computer. We offer free WiFi for your convenience.
Pack your camera and cell phone chargers since you will be staying for two or three days.
You will need to have a federally approved Infant Care Seat in your room prior to discharge. Your baby will not be discharged from the hospital without one.
Bring a change of clothes for both mom and baby to wear home from the hospital.
Preparing your suitcase for the hospital, and a list of last minute items to be added, at 34-36 weeks in your pregnancy will help to ensure you have everything you need when your sweet baby makes its arrival. 

If you have any questions, or for more information, please feel free to email our childbirth, newborn and lactation education email at

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