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January 16, 2012 by Beth Beck

Place Sharps in Container…          

Needle Handling Safety is a sensitive topic these days. It’s easy to think “It won’t happen to me” or “It won’t matter if I just pit the needle down where others can see it. They won’t get stuck.” But the evidence is in. Needlesticks are the most common accident in the health care setting. They can cause pain, emotional distress, and, in some cases, deadly diseases.
Improper disposal of needles endangers yourself and others, and can result in costly fines to the Medical Center and even refusal to process

general waste. Take the time to learn and follow the proper procedures. You will be protecting your own health and safety and the well being of your patients, co-workers, as well as the institution as a whole.
  • Do not recap or manipulate used needles.
  • Portable resheathing devices can be used to transport used needles to remote disposal containers.
  • Use “No Hands” technique, or a “No Hands” resheathing device if recapping is necessary.
  • Pay close attention when manipulating obturators and IV needles.
  • Never leave exposed needles on the IV pole.
  • IV needles can be disposed of by cutting the tubing with needle attached directly into the disposal container.

Ask for assistance before attempting to give an injection or draw blood from a frightened or

uncooperative patient.
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