Health Fair Tips

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January 21, 2014 by Crystal McDonald, R.N., SMC Student Clinical Coordinator

Staying healthy concerns us all, and the word “free” is too appealing to pass up — especially when referring to something free in health care these days! A FREE health fair is a great learning opportunity for anyone interested in good health. What can you expect to find at a health fair?
A multitude of professionals set up tables or booths where they spend time with people attending the fair to answer their questions or concerns.  By taking advantage of this venue and actively participating in a health fair, you can help begin the journey to a healthier lifestyle.
The benefits of attending a health fair also include free screenings, educational brochures and new information that you can take away with you. You may see booths where you can get your vital signs checked, such as blood pressure, pulse, heart rate, temperature and blood oxygen level. A professional can provide feedback on healthy and unhealthy ranges for all of these screenings and let you know where you stand. Some health fairs also screen for blood glucose, anemia status, cholesterol levels, and body fat. Information is given on wellness topics and disease prevention, as well. The professionals who most often set up at health fairs to assist you include dietitians, nurses, nurse practitioners, and physicians.
I recently met a lady at a health fair who had been diagnosed with hypertension. As a nurse, it concerned me that she had neglected to take her blood pressure medication for two weeks. Her blood pressure reflected that fact. She said her medication was in her office desk and with my encouragement and the impact of the blood pressure screening, she planned to resume taking it. I later spotted her in another line. I approached her with a smile and asked, “Have you taken your medication yet?” She replied, “I am going to, but wanted to go to each booth first and I will lose my place in line.” I asked the person in front of her who also overheard the conversation. “Do you mind holding her spot for her?” Of course the woman in line agreed. The lady hugged me and said “thank you” and went upstairs to take her blood pressure medication. If I help one person then, to me, that is an awesome day!!  Encourage someone today!!
When an organization coordinates a health-centered event, it shows the community how much importance they place on your health. You may be asked to fill out a short exit survey. The feedback is used for future events.
So, if you are interested or need another incentive to attend a health fair – now is your chance to get an awesome start to a new you!

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