Urinary Incontinence and Bladder Difficulties

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June 7, 2012 by Dr. Timothy E. Hughes, MD, FACOG, FACS

Urinary incontinence and bladder difficulties are problems that many women face on a daily basis. While causes can vary, there are actually several different mechanisms of incontinence and each requires different treatments.  Incontinence can stem from inadequate or weakened support of the bladder and/or urethra, neurological conditions leading to uncontrolled bladder contractions or spasms, or sometimes something as simple as chronic bladder infection or inflammation.  Once the correct diagnosis is determined, the appropriate treatment can be recommended.  These can range from conservative treatments such as physical therapy or medications, but some require surgical correction which usually can be done outpatient (same day) in a minimally invasive fashion.  Surgeries often involve a straightforward procedure that helps support the bladder neck and urethra.  Discomfort and down time is minimal, and you are home the same day of your procedure in many cases.

The key to proper treatment and correction of the problem is accurate diagnosis.  This is a subspecialty interest at  Springhill Center for Women’s Health, and we offer the latest in diagnostics and treatments for incontinence.  Specifically, Dr. Timothy Hughes is the only Gynecologic specialist in Mobile County who offers the Interstim therapy for urinary and fecal incontinence and is one of few area gynecologists who has completed additional training in these conditions and therapies.  Ours is a practice completely devoted to women and their unique healthcare needs.  Call Springhill Center for Women's Health at 251.410.3890 and arrange for your personal evaluation today.

Come hear Dr. Hughes discuss other "Women's Health" issues during a free community lecture on Thursday, July 29, at noon in Springhill Medical Center's Gerald Wallace Auditorium.  A light lunch will be provided.  Call 460-5447 to make a reservation.

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