Introducing Orbera Intragastric Balloon System

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March 23, 2016 by By Dr. Forrest G. Ringold, SAMPA

An exciting new development in the area of non surgical weight loss, Orbera is a new approach to help kick start a more comprehensive program toward managing your weight. 

The ORBERA Intragastric Balloon System takes up space in the stomach to help patients lose weight. The system is temporary and should be removed after 6 months.

The balloon is placed into the stomach through the mouth, using a minimally invasive endoscopic procedure, while the patient is under mild sedation. Once in place, the balloon is filled with salt water (saline) so that it expands into a spherical shape.

The device is used in obese adult patients who have a Body Mass Index (BMI) of 30-40 kg/m2 who have been unable to lose weight through diet and exercise. It is intended to be used while a patient participates in a diet and exercise plan supervised by a health care provider.

In clinical studies, patients with ORBERA lost an average of 21.8 pounds (10.2% of their body weight) after the device had been in place for six months.

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