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May 20, 2013

There was a cork bobbing around the pond this morning and my new RN, Tara, came into the unit freaking out.  “There is a turtle or something caught on a line with a cork, and it’s going to drown!” she said frantically. 

Now, mind you, we were pretty sure that fish and amphibians can breathe underwater, but she was insistent that this creature needed to be saved -- it’s the Springhill way.  She was going to get some tubing and try and wrangle the line, but she managed to con Patrick into the rescue -- being that he is a paramedic and such.

Patrick had to borrow a pair of rubber boots and go into the pond (beyond the point of the boots by the way) to be able to reach the cork that was stuck on a log in the center of the pond. At one point he was actually attacked by the catfish he was attempting to save, while being stuck in the mud in the pond.  Too funny to describe in words…  Anyhow, a fresh pair of scrubs and socks later…mission accomplished! As you can see, they rescued a catfish not a turtle.

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