"Cool" New Physical Therapy Device

March 6, 2012

In a study comparing cold air to nitrogen gas and ice bags, cold air increased the threshold of pain twice that of the ice bag application in half the time. Compared with nitrogen gas, cold air increased the threshold 66% higher and returned to above baseline post treatment faster, demonstrating a thermo-physical difference. Cold air is considered more effective than ice bags and gas as it is theorized that the rapid spike in cold to heat return leads to a circulatory response, and the constant cold air modality can penetrate the deeper tissue structure without the short term risk of cold damage posed with the same duration of treatment using gas as the cooling agent.

A new device being used by SMC's Physical Therapy Department, the C200, reaches temperatures of -40 degrees F. This has been demonstrated to produce more beneficial results compared to normal 20-minute localized icing. The C200 localized cryotherapy device takes in ambient room-temperature air and chills it before delivering it to the specidfic areas of the body undergoing application.

The C200 is recommended for use in a setting where moderate repeated treatments over a short duration are needed. The device can accommodate multiple 1-minute treatments and does not require signifcant time for the compressor to reload for optimal air flow temperature.

Lower skin temperature causes a more productive shock or "Cryo effect," stimulating blood vessel constriction and dilation in the injured area. The Cryo effect causes the body to produce a greater blood flow with oxygen rich blood delivered to damaged areas to improve recovery times by significantly reducing inflammation and accelerating tissue regeneration.

Source: uscryotherapy.com