SMC is named one of the top 25 IT departments in the nation!

October 29, 2012

Springhill Medical Center has been chosen by Healthcare IT News as one of the top 25 IT departments in the nation. SMC was chosen, as one of the winners, out of the 272 hospitals first nominated and the 125 qualified for final consideration. This is exciting news for the IT department!

To be nominated the IT employees were required to work together to maintain at least 50 percent participation rate in a survey questioning their thoughts on the importance of satisfaction in the department. The survey focused on the satisfaction of topics such as day-to-day work, immediate work units, team or IT department groups, workplace culture, senior management and organizational leadership, training, professional development and advancement, direct supervisor or manager, and compensation, benefits  and employee recognition.

SMC was chosen, as a winner as part of the medium sized hospital group, out of 45 qualified hospitals. SMC is ranked number three out of the 10 final winners in this group. Congratulations to the IT Department for all of your hard work and teamwork!