Springhill Medical Center Brands Corporate Wellness Program

February 2, 2012

Along with several exciting new changes to Springhill Medical Center’s corporate wellness program comes a new program name.  Now known as Body of Wellth, the program features new initiatives to enhance the existing program.
In 2007, Springhill Medical Center invested in a free wellness initiative for the Mobile workforce.  The vision required a commitment of time, materials, resources, along with physicians and medical staff with a dedicated passion to educate, motivate and serve others.
Body of Wellth LogoThe Springhill Medical Center Body of Wellth  program is designed to assist local organizations with implementing corporate wellness strategies that benefit their employees through health risk assessments, lifestyle management programs, and disease management programs. SMC’s initiative focuses on creating a “culture of health” in the workplace, resulting in a measurable reduction in healthcare costs, increased productivity, reduced absenteeism, and improved morale. One of the new initiatives offers detailed plans to reduce healthcare costs specific to each organization.
Every year, the American economy loses an estimated $260 billion in production overhead because of absences and low productivity caused by health issues. The Body of Wellth program helps to reduce this number and provide a healthy and productive work place. Employees recognize the program as a corporate benefit, feeling a sense of loyalty and responsibility.  Even more exciting, while Body of Wellth can become part of a corporate lifestyle and philosophy, employees are having fun, are motivated and look forward to Biometric Testing, Health Challenges, Health Fairs, and organized activities.
The Body of Wellth program is an investment in a company’s most important resource —its employees.  Studies have proven that when employees feel both physically and mentally well there is an increase in productivity, lower absenteeism, and higher morale.  To a company’s bottom line, the Body of Wellth program can significantly reduce health care costs.  This program has already gained momentum in many corporations and will continue to grow and improve over the next several years.
Garin Danner, Director of Human Resources at The SSI Group, established a wellness program at his company in 2009 and shortly afterward partnered with SMC to enhance the program with the hospital’s Body of Wellth offerings. “We partnered with SMC to assist in the endeavor,” Danner explains, “and through our collaborative efforts we have been successful in improving our employees’ health and have reduced their healthcare expenses through our wellness initiatives.  We are excited to continue this relationship and build an even better wellness initiative.
Springhill Medical Center is a 252-bed acute care hospital accredited by The Joint Commission. Since 1975, Springhill has grown and expanded its services in the southwest Alabama. Today, SMC includes the hospital, a unique and comprehensive heart center, senior residence, sleep center, athletic club, and orthopaedic surgery center.