SMC reduces report time, saves $85,000

September 7, 2012


Founded in 1975 by Dr. and Mrs. Gerald Wallace, Springhill Medical Center is a 252-bed acute care hospital accredited by the Joint Commission. From its beginning, Springhill has embraced advanced technology, including a 320-slice CT, high-field MRI and digital mammography. The hospital currently offers the latest diagnostic equipment across all clinical specialties, and has accredited programs including MRI, CT and mammography (ACR/MQSa).
Springhill’s legacy of technology was instrumental in the medical center’s decision to implement Nuance Healthcare’s industry-leading PowerScribe® 360 | Reporting solution. Since the system was implemented in December 2011, the overall benefits have far exceeded expectations: self-editing has replaced transcription, reporting times have been drastically reduced, patient care has improved, and significant savings have been realized.


• Select speech reporting solution that could integrate with the hospital’s EMR and PACS
• Enable staff to create reports more quickly
• Increase reporting efficiency

Because Springhill Medical Centers does not utilize a RIS, they needed a reporting system that was compatible with the hospital’s electronic medical record system, which did not provide transcription or distribution capability. Seamless integration with the PACS was also important, as was optimized voice recognition. “The learning curve for voice recognition is much faster than it was five years ago. The software is much more intuitive.” said Dr. Mark V. Johnson, a radiologist at Springhill Medical Center. The clinical and business benefits were obvious to staff early on. “The potential savings was the first thing that caught our eye, but we immediately realized the potential benefits of faster turnaround,” said Laura Haas, Director of Radiology. Those benefits include faster availability of written patient information, improved patient care, elimination of the need for radiologists to present verbal reports, enhanced clinical efficiency and increasingly contented physicians and patients.

Steps To Success
Throughout planning and implementation Nuance Healthcare provided essential direction and other assistance:
• Engage key participants, identify goals, review roll-out plan and timeline, create generous testing and implement action plans.
• Observe staff and referrers, providing technical assistance that enhances reporting.
• Provide follow-up to ensure that performance standards are met.

• Deploy PowerScribe 360 | Reporting
• Utilize enhanced speech recognition engine, self editing, and structured reporting

• All radiologists now using PowerScribe 360 | Reporting
• Final report time reduced from seven hours to five minutes
• Requests from referring physicians for ‘call results’ have been virtually eliminated
• Time to clinical diagnosis and time to treatment reduced

Improved Physician Satisfaction and Financial Operations
After one year, Springhill expects to realize a return on investment of nearly $85,000 by eliminating all transcription costs. Additionally, the final report turnaround time has dropped from an average of seven hours to five minutes and nearly 100% of requests for ‘call results’ have been eliminated. Emergency physicians no longer spend precious time receiving verbal reports from radiology, and the radiologists have embraced the speech recognition, self-editing and structured reporting capabilities. “Our radiologists have been pleasantly surprised by the ease and efficiency of the system,” Haas said. “They realize that healthcare is moving in the direction of more automated reporting and are definitely on board with all that
PowerScribe 360 | Reporting has to offer.”