2016 Nurse of the Year

June 10, 2016

     Springhill honored Stacy Frazier, R.N., as 2016 Nurse of The Year because of her extraordinary daily contributions. A Cath Lab supervisor, Ms. Frazier works in Springhill’s 12-bed prep/holding recovery area and was nominated for her amazing work with staff, patients, physicians, other hospital departments and nursing units, and for her exceptional skills managing the electronic health records.
     According to her co-workers who submitted her nomination form: “Stacy easily manages an additional four to six procedures every day, and since we are at maximum capacity most days, there’s no room for a wasted step. She is always willing to learn, adapt, and change things as needed. Stacy’s attitude keeps her co-workers energized. She is an extremely happy person who is well-liked by everyone.”
     “She’s also incredibly skilled at managing multiple issues that are thrown her way at once. She is pleasant and quick with a solution aimed at moving the day forward. In fact, that’s when she excels! She works well with other departments to solve challenges, and there is no room in her mind for personal criticism. She works through all the small things to create a great day for our patients and Springhill.”
     “Stacy’s ability to do for others seems boundless. Most of her outgoing phone calls, in fact, are to offer solutions to problems that others are encountering. She is deserving of recognition for the professional and wonderful person that she is.”
     In addition to the long hours she puts in, the nominating committee recognized Ms. Frazier for her patience and diligence, citing her proactive approach to patient flow. “Stacy is a breath of fresh air to work with. She cares about her staff and is always looking out for their best interests. She wants to make sure everyone is treated fairly and the schedule is equitable to all involved.”