Springhill Medical Center's Unique Parking Lot Opens

August 30, 2018

Parking Lot

Traditionally when an organization’s leadership addresses parking needs, they will simply build a parking lot or parking deck. However, Ms. Celia Wallace, owner and chairman of the board for Southern Medical Health Systems (the corporate umbrella for Springhill Medical Center), chose to go beyond traditional thinking and incorporate a more eco-friendly design despite the extra expense.


As Springhill’s busy hospital campus continues to experience an influx of patients and visitors, ownership determined the best way to construct a new lot and still maintain the natural beauty of the area was to feature a permeable, porous material in the design and preserve as many trees as possible. The new lot does not require a retention pond because the water filters underneath through a 4 foot gravel base. It doesn’t pond or run off into the already taxed storm system. And, several old-growth pine trees continue to mature and offer shade for the new 500-space parking lot located on the back of the campus. The price tag on the project is more than $1 million.


With a deep appreciation of the natural beauty of our community and a passion for conserving as much of the ecosystem as possible in a metropolitan setting, Ms. Wallace consistently finds ways to think through projects for better solutions that often significantly impact the environment. With the opening of the final phase of the new parking lot project on Aug. 26, Springhill Medical Center visitors should have much easier access to parking.