Volunteers receive a complete orientation and service training, and enjoy a sense of confidence they acquire in learning new skills. They are an integral part of the health care team and help to assure the highest quality of patient care. A volunteer’s friendly, caring service is wonderful medicine for our patients and family members.


There are many rewarding opportunities to serve patients and staff, from greeting to escorting to assisting in various departments as a volunteer at Springhill Medical Center. The upbeat attitude and can-do approach of Springhill Medical Center's volunteers are the perfect medicine for patients and family members. For more information on how to become a Springhill Medical Center volunteer, call 460-5223 or contact us.

College Student or Adult Volunteer Application


Teen-age Volunteers

Teenagers, if you are between the ages of 14 (by June 1) and 18, Springhill Medical Center would like to have you consider being a teen-age volunteer at our facility. Volunteering is a way to help your community and learn the joy of giving. Your volunteer work in a hospital environment also provides you the opportunity to learn about medical careers. Please call the Volunteer Services Office at 460-5223 for more information.

Fund raisers and Special Projects Serving patients and community members of all ages.
Some of these services include:

Sponsoring the Color By Kids Art Competition in conjunction with the hospital. The selected winning art is displayed throughout the hospital, creating a warm, friendly atmosphere for all visitors to enjoy.
Supporting the local art programs by providing $4,000 annually to Mobile County Public School traveling art teachers.
Sponsoring a non-invasive jaundice testing program for newborns at no charge.
Providing memory boxes to comfort parents who have experienced an early loss.
Providing special services such as the Gift Cart, newspaper, mail, and flower delivery service.
Providing Shumsky pillows to heart surgery patients.

Your “Gift of Time” can...

...make a difference in a variety of areas: ...bring many rewards:
Auxiliary Fund raising Meeting New Friends
Surgery Waiting Room Learning New Skills
Escort Service Developing New Interests
Flower/Mail Delivery Helping Others
Gift Cart or Gift Shop  
Heart Care Building  
Information Desk  
Special Projects  
Outpatient Surgery