Birthing Suites, Childbirth & Maternity

New Labor and Delivery Birthing Suites photos. Click on any picture to view all the photos.

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Springhill Medical Center's updated birthing suites feature modern amenities with the family in mind.  The pictures are only a glimmer of what patients experience. Contact the Labor and Delivery unit at our hospital to learn more. Click here to see pictures. You can also see our latest brochure with details about The Birthing Suites here.  For a behind-the-scenes look at the unique construction technology, click here.

Springhill Medical Center Labor and Delivery offers:

The nurse/patient ratio in enables our nurses to provide constant attention to the mother-to-be.

Board-certified lactation consultant on staff to help with breastfeeding questions.  And, available via e-mail at

Special Care Nursery Unit providing custom designed infant-sensitive care.

Childbirth classes for parents.
Sibling preparation class, "Me Too!"


Springhill Medical Center offers unparalleled service in maternity care. We have more OB/GYNs located on the campus than any other hospital, making it very convenient for both the patient and the physician.


Before being admitted, go to our Pre-Registration to register online or to download the pre-registration form. For more information on Maternity, call 340-7769 or download our brochure Having Your Baby at Springhill Medical Center.