Inpatient Rehab

In our continued commitment to providing high quality health care, Springhill Medical Center is offering patients and families an enhanced continuum of care in our Inpatient Rehabilitation Center (IRC). A comprehensive rehabilitation program, the 2400 Unit is designed to assist patients in reaching their maximum potential while having a short length of stay.

This program is for the medically complex patient who requires and will benefit from daily access to physicians (who can frequently modify the Plan of Care based on individual needs) and low nurse-to-patient ratio of 6 patients to 1 nurse. The focus is to maximize recovery through intensive daily rehabilitation utilizing multiple disciplines with an ultimate goal of attaining the prior level of function, minimizing re-hospitalizations, and discharging patients back to their homes. 

The IRC is located on the second floor in Unit 2400. The unit features a contemporary and modern look and offers 18 private rooms, fully equipped gym with an area for daily activities practice, and a patient dining room. The highly specialized interdisciplinary team includes a medical director board certified in neurology, physical medicine and rehabilitation, nursing staff specially trained in inpatient rehabilitation, physical and occupational therapist, speech and language pathologist, medical social worker and a clinical nurse liaison. The rehabilitation team works collaboratively recognizing that the most important person on the team is the patient. Our treatment plan is centered on assisting the patient and family to achieve their goals using a high level of expertise and quality care. Families and caregivers also play a major role in recovery and will be provided with education and emotional support throughout the recovery process.

The Springhill Inpatient Rehab Center is currently accepting patients. Upon referral, a member of the rehabilitation team provides a pre-admission screening, and submits the information to the medical director for approval. Patients do not require an acute hospital stay to qualify and can be admitted from home, directly from the ER, acute hospital stay or other facilities. If there is someone with a significant decline in functional mobility and/or ability to perform activities of daily living — make the referral! The Rehab professionals will assess and make recommendations for the best setting for their care.

We look forward to serving the community and helping patients and families achieve the best quality of life possible through our professional and caring staff!