Online Resources for Radiology Procedure Information

A great resource for information about Radiologic studies in a standard format that describes various procedures, indicates common uses, explains how to prepare for procedures, and provides pictures of the equipment used during procedures. It currently contains information on nearly 200 radiologic procedures and can be viewed in English or Spanish, and can be downloaded.

Radiology Department Accreditations

Springhill’s Imaging departments are accredited by the American College of Radiology in more modalities than any other hospital in Mobile. Meeting the ACR’s strict quality standards means better care for our patients.

The National Cancer Institute

According to a study performed by the National Cancer Institute comparing film and digital mammography, digital mammography is more accurate than film at finding cancer in women less than 50 years old, and women who have dense (not fatty) breast tissue. Digital mammography uses less radiation than traditional film mammography, reducing your lifetime exposure to x-rays.