Intuitive Ion System for Lung Biopsy
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The latest technology in lung biopsy is here. As of January 2023, SMC uses a robotic-assisted platform for minimally invasive lung biopsy. The Ion Endoluminal System is made by Intuitive, which also makes the da Vinci surgical system. Ion represents an advancement in the existing approaches to lung biopsy by enabling us to obtain tissue samples from deep within the lung, addressing a challenging aspect of lung biopsy.  In general, when a definitive diagnosis is obtained through a biopsy procedure, patients may avoid subsequent biopsies.

Lung cancer is the leading cause of cancer deaths. However, when diagnosed at the earliest stage (IA-1), the average 5-year survival rate is 92%. Early-stage diagnosis can be difficult, but Ion may help obtain samples for potential diagnosis.

Ion is built on Intuitive’s more than two decades of experience as a leader in robotic-assisted surgical technology. We’ve chosen to use the Ion endoluminal system because it is designed to provide more reach, more stability, and more precision compared to flexible bronchoscopy with or without electromagnetic navigation.

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