Jeffery M. St. Clair, MHA, President/CEO

Jeffery M. St. Clair

Mr. Jeffery M. St. Clair assumed the top leadership position at Springhill Medical Center in 2009. As CEO and President, Mr. St. Clair is leader of the most technologically advanced, privately owned hospital complex in the area.

Mr. St. Clair served as Hospital Administrator and COO at Springhill for 15 years prior to his current position. He also served as Springhill’s Vice President of Operations for eight years prior to that.

Mr. St. Clair has a bachelor’s degree from the University of Alabama in Health Care Management and completed his master’s work in Health Administration at Kennedy-Western University

He currently serves on the Boards for the hospital and Springhill Health Services, Inc., which owns Springhill Medical Center. During recent years of service at Springhill, Mr. St. Clair played a major role in developing and designing the hospital’s 50,000-square-foot Heart Center. He has also led several other major projects on campus over the years, including: the orthopaedic surgery center; the eye, ear, nose, throat surgery center; two medical office buildings; numerous hospital expansions; and conversions of major information technology systems. In addition, Mr. St. Clair spearheads several patient quality initiatives to strengthen Springhill’s efforts in maintaining a safe and healthy medical facility.

“I have been at this hospital for most of my professional career, and it is like a home to me, and the people are like family,” Mr. St. Clair said. “In the early years, I had the privilege of establishing several service lines so the local community could have a choice in the type of hospital care they received. It’s always been important to us here to provide the same type of care we would want for our own family members. I plan to build on that reputation and make sure we can deliver that care in the safest, fastest, most compassionate manner possible.”